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A few testimonials:

"Andrew Mell has changed my life...from the way that I hold my shoulders and the functioning of my organs, to the way that  I think about my body.  His knowledge and concern are present in everything that he does, as he gently coaxes me into alignment."  - Deborah G, Nutritionist, NYC.

"When my dad was about 95, he started to show signs of slowing down.  When his legs began to swell, his normal, spry gait lost its bounce.  Compression stockings only helped a little and he liked to move and dance.  My daughter recommended Andrew Mell, who she had been working with regularly. Andrew agreed to work with dad and and go to the assisted living facility where he was residing.  At first dad was unsure as he had never had a massage before, but it didn't take long before those massages became a high point of his week.  He looked forward to them and to his time with Andrew.  Dad loved that sometimes they would even sing together.  The massages definitely kept dad in robust and good health (they allowed him to walk better and still dance occasionally) and I believe extended and added quality to his life.  Andrew was with him almost to the end which was when he was 99.  An added bonus was that Andrew kept in touch with me, reporting in after each visit with him to give me an update on how he was doing health wise and mood wise and from time to alert me to a concern of his which usually proved to be most helpful as a kind of pre-emptive trouble-shooting.  In many ways, our whole family benefitted from Andrew's magic touch, kindness, gentle nature, and compassion."  -Marlene F.

"In my experience, there is a vast separation between the average deep tissue style massage therapist and a truly skilled neuromuscular massage therapist - those who have the ability to make your pain and discomfort just disappear.  Andrew is one of the latter.  He never fails to heal me.  He listens to my issues, then knows precisely what to do.  And although I know he is highly trained and has years of experience, I still leave amazed, because he is so much better than everyone else I have ever seen, ever. He is truly remarkable." -Bill M., Backpacker, Kayaker, Business Executive


"Andrew's approach to each client is individualized.  he does not rely on formulas.  One never receives the same bodywork twice, for Andrew's work evolves as his clients evolve" -Christine S., PhD, Psychologist and Artist, Haverford, PA.


"Neuromuscular Massage Therapy - or NMT - borders on real physical therapy.  It's what you should consider if you have any chronic muscle pain.  My back had gone into spasm, and though such a condition can't be corrected in one session, Andrew Mell alleviated the symptoms while coaching the muscles and connective tissue into gradual improvement over the next few days.  Before beginning his session, Mell reviews your posture:  the slightest imbalances are visible to his trained eye and then corrected by manipulation and repatterning..For my ailing back, Andrew worked on a sight at the side of my neck that I could actually feel directly in my back.  People who are shy about disrobing in front of a stranger will feel at ease with this professional, who has an excellent tableside manner."  -from New York Magazine, December 4, 1995 - The Antidote to Celebration.


"Andrew heals, comforts and rejuvenates the most complex instrument of expression called the body.  His hands find the hidden tensions that underline our lives.  A committment to physical well being is a commitment to Andrew's extraordinary talent."  -C. Khella, Voice Teacher, NYC

"Possessing a vast knowedge of physiology and anatomy, as well as impeccable integrity and compassion for human nature, Andrew Mell is an exceptional and gifted healer.  Through sensitive and skilled touch, he is able to establish a clear and direct pathway of communication with the body from the very beginning.  Interweaving sessions that incorporate a variety of techniques according to individual needs, Andrew facilitates wholeness, balance, and well being through unconditional giving every time.  -Ruth S.  Artist, Gladwynne, PA

"Bill Beutel, anchorman, WABC News: 'My masseur, Andrew Mell, finds stress knots I never even knew I had in my neck and back.  He's a firm believer that the body has to move freely for the brain to move freely.' " -from Town and Country October 1089, Beauty Talk / The Rites of Man



"Andrew Mell has been my go-to bodywork specialist for the past decade and a half.  I've referred him patients, friends, and family members, and have been universally pleased with the results.  He has a tremendous fund of knowledge about the human musculature and its ailments, and is an expert on treating the 'misalignments of modern life'.  He has my highest recomendation." -Stephen Snyder, MD, NYC

"I have been seeing Andrew Mell regularly for more than five years and consider him one of my cherished 'secret weapons' to staying healthy and feeling great.  All of the tensions and aches that accumulate over the course of my daily life are wiped clean after 60 minutes in his care.  I leave his office stepping lightly and feeling completely rejuvenated.  Andrew has an amazing gift and I never hesitate to recommend him to anyone with physical issues, as I know Andrew will find a way to make a difference in how a person will experience their body." -Emily R., Small business owner, NYC

"Andrew Mell's therapeutic method incorporates a brilliant understanding of the body, a broad knowledge of the bodywork methods available in his healing toolbox, and a clear, caring touch.  As a movement professional, my work can only do so much, thus I recommend Andrew to clients with chronic tensions.  In such cases, they become greatly remedied, making their everyday lives more efficient and improving their overall movent. One particular client was not able to completely straighten her arms.....after one session she began to find length through her limbs, relief in her shoulders, and a greater range of motion.  Another client tolerated great hip and knee pain due to scar tissue from an old labrum tear.  Her pain has subsided, balance has come to her hips and limbs, and she is undergoing many changes.  Such an occurrence only happens with a masseur who fully appreciates and educates himself on the complexity of the body." -Krystyna Wiercioch, owner of Mobius Motion: A GYROTONIC(R) studio.  Certified in Pilates, GYROTONIC(R), and Franklin Method

"I consider my time limited, my days very busy, and my life full of caring for family, friends, and the movement students I have the fortune to teach.  Teacing Pilates and Yoga is not just a passive experience for me, but requires me to get hands-on and match the participation of my students.  It also requires daily practice in movement from me, frequently leaving my muscles tense or sore.  For all of that, it is a beautiful gift to myself to put my aches and pains in Andrew Mell's capable hands.  His years of experience with massage therapy and skillful intuition seem to find the places of tension that are the root of discomfort, instead of only addressing the obvious places - which feel good at the time but have a little lasting effect.  His understanding of bodywork along with massage therapy truly allow for a unique experience.  My sessions with him are designed specifically for me, based on both our previous sessions and how I feel that day.  I always feel respected when I bring up what is currently hurting, and that nothing is required of me...but to allow Andrew's healing hands to skillfully return my body to a peak level of function.  Andrew is truly a gem, a well-kept secret." -Kristina M., Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher

"Andrew Mell is highly trained in several therapeutic modalities including, but not limited to, Thai Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, and Yoga.  I have been a client of Andrew's for pre-surgical preparedness, post-surgical recovery, preparing to race/walk at national competitions, and ongoing overall maintenance.  Great results come from being able to access Andrew's vast training to give you the most help possible.  He also provides impeccable suggestions when another specialist is required.  Regardless of why you are considering massage,  you owe it to yourself to book a session." -S. Kirk, Ph. D, pharmaceutical researcher

"I have worked with Andrew Mell for several years following a debilitating back injury and subsequent back surgery.  He is a very experienced professional with a deep knowledge of the body and an integrative clinician who attends not just to the bodily injury but to the impact on the mind, emotions, and spirit in promoting recovery and health.  He always maintained a deep confidence in my capacity to reclaim what I had lost - which helped immesurably in the slow and painful days of incrememntal progress.  Apart from the core treatment, he taught me several yoga poses which helped me to build on the work we had done together to support healthier alignment and balance.  Moreover, he was willing to collaborate with other health professionals who were working with me to help insure that they were all working with the same goals in mind.  I remain extrememly grateful to him for the work we've done together and for how far I've come." -Ira Orchin, Psychologist, Backpacker, Surfer

"In the mid-1990's, my father entered the MICU at University of Pennsylvania hospital.  The nursing staff told me he was one of the 5 sickest patients in the hospital.  Remarkably he survived this medical crisis and returned home.  However, to maintain his health, he needed to change his lifestyle: his diet was modified, exercise was encouraged, and a weekly therapeutic massage was added.  Andrew Mell cheerfully arrived at my father's house once a week for close to a decade and made my father's life healthier and more comfortable.  Using therapeutic massage techniques, Andrew improved my father's circulation, and reduced the pain in his aching muscles.  During the massages, Andrew would offer ongoing encouragement, and empathetically listen as my father bemoaned the aging process.  There is no doubt that Andrew improved the quality of life for my father through massage.  However, Andrew also brought to my father's home compassion and empathy.  I would recommend Andrew without reservation to anyone searching for a massage therapist." -Letitia C. Biddle

"As a varsity rower in a top-level school, I consistently push my body to the limits.  It's been my experience that no matter what I've managed to do to myself, Andrew Mell does an excellent job at making the pain go away.  I've known Andrew for years, and can honestly say, that between his pleasant demeanor and vast knowledge on the different types of massage, he does a fantastic job." -Sam Blitzer, Rower, Athlete, Student



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